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Redyction Gear Motor
Wonm Gear Reduction Motor
Linear Gear Reduction Motor
Permanent Magnet Reduction Gear DC Motor
Speed Control Motors
Induction Motor
    Ningbo Instrument Motor Factory is located on the nearby outskirts of Ningbo City on the east bank of the East China Sea, enjoys every traffic convenience and a beautiful surroundings. The company possesses a number of professional engineering experts, adopts internationally advanced standard technologies, boasts a strong ability to develop and design brand new products. Complete array of the production equipment! Perfect instruments and apparatuses for quality tests! Persistent and reliable quality of the products! The company has been CE,CCC and ISO9001:2000 certified.
    Yue Ling brand motors have their marketing network covering all the domestic large cities and also sell to Southeast Asian, European, American countries and regions. The company is a trustworthy model enterprise, indeed. The diverse kinds of our motors can be widely used on the production lines, medical equipment, food-processing equipment, packing equipment, money-counting machines, automatic pressure regulators, electric hoists, audiovisual appatuses, office equipment, robots, meters and instruments as well as medium-minor-sized machine units as an ideal source of the motive power of new generation.
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